RF 600 RGB Controller with Remote

RF 600 RGB Controller with Remote

SKU: NL-RF-600
The NL RF600 RGB controller has a large current output but a low power consumption. This controller is capable of running 30m of our (SMT-5050-30-RGB) RGB strip without additional amplifiers.

The remote control has a high precision touch control chip to make the most of the colour ring and buttons. It is used to switch between different modes and you can also adjust the brightness of the LED’s and the speed which they change colour. The remote has other advantages such as far control distance, high touch sensitivity, strong driving ability and stable performance.

RF600 RGB Controller – Specification

Model No. – NL-RF600
Supply Voltage – DC12-24V
Output Power – DC12V: 216W, DC24V: 432W
Size (mm) – 83x(L)79x(W)x33(H)
Remote Type/Size (mm) – RF / 113.5(L)x55.5(W)x22.5(H)
Drive Capability – 5050/30/RGB 30mMax*
*Please make sure you use a power supply with the correct load capacity.