1-5m Dimmable Plug & Play Led Strip Light Kit. (non waterproof)

1-5m Dimmable Plug & Play Led Strip Light Kit. (non waterproof)


The main advantage of LED strip lighting is the energy saving cost, but people sometimes forget how it can give any room a fashionable twist. This flexible five metre strip can be placed virtually anywhere using its strong 3M adhesive backing tape, giving it both versatility and flexibility in its usage. The lights have the option to be connected up to other strip lights or they can also be cut down at one of its 50mm cutting points leaving it with sheer endless applicable potential. Use the strip to light shop window displays, any home living spaces, receptions, show rooms, work areas and many other locations. This product includes a high quality power supply and RF Dimming module complete with a remote to give you more control on light output. Available in Warm White, Cool White, Natural White and Blue.

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